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Welcome on advanced English posts from the native French author Clara Lou. Inspired by the picture, here is a blog presentation article, which incarnates the desire of blogging for rewilding Earth, caring multicultural societies, sharing joyful connections or English adventures. From globe to computer, have a look on core values and blog birth. Click on article to read more

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You Can Be a Good Communicator with Low English Level

VIDEO – Be aware to be on the point of reading an imperfect post from a French native. But if your English goal is just speaking, do you know that effective communication has more to do with behavior, than language level? World-renown Marianna Pascal speaks about it and global English for a TEDx conference

Express Yourself with Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot for Nature-based Solutions

In the context of climate emergency, LearnEnglish from British Council proposes a discussion about a 2019 video (3:41) from Greta Thunberg and The Guardian’s journalist George Montbiot, claiming for natural climate solutions. A way to express my connection emergency and invite to share your voice as inspiration for all

Do it Now! Joan Baez’ Call for Action

A first English blog post emerging from a 2018 Joan Baez’ quote in French TV Show « C à vous ». A short exercise of video transcription through the interpreter’s loud voice. Following births synchronicity and life impulse