My Green Inclusive Connections on a picture : Introduction to Blog Project

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Welcome on advanced English posts from the native French author Clara Lou. Inspired by the picture, here is a blog presentation article, which incarnates the desire of blogging for rewilding Earth, caring multicultural societies, sharing joyful connections or English adventures. From globe to computer, have a look on core values and blog birth

The globe incarnates my deep values for caring life and humanity

At teenage age, I started striving to face reality for problem solving: “Why should it goes without saying that (French) people or society are so tense? And why should I support them?”

The more I have learned about nature – or primitive societies –, the deeper I have seen about human suffering or dysfunctional societies

And the deeper I have been aware about our disconnection to Earth, wildlife or damaged human bodies

How to deal with it, it’s a long story. But being aware gives me this responsibility:

I do my best contribution all along my life for helping care life and human societies, including spending time on myself. Although when I get no result. Because the most important to me is focusing on thinking and acting in a gentle way: How really caring, if it leads to more stress?

Which means I commit to promote:

  • Inclusive Climate Action

Focused on energy sobriety, nature-based solutions, communities inclusion. Promoting better connection to wild environment: plants, bugs…

  • Joyful and authentic connections

It covers “joy in action”, as striving to seek and follow desire for life when taking action. Also, improving communication or relationships by seeking a relaxed attitude, expressing feelings or being careful of others, or all living beings

  • Holistic and body awareness

Promoting a global vision and awareness rise about human body: Sharing my unique findings for stress releasing, using eyesight improvement or voice training

The dictionaries express my taste for multicultural environments

When I was a 5-year-old child, I felt at ease crossing “borders”

Whether for going to Spain, together with my Spanish grand-parents – refugees in France and barely French speaker. Or for interacting with “black and white” cousins whose dad came from Congo

Or for understanding that foreigner family friends can come from abroad and speak perfectly French, or just a few words

Then, I was curious of learning all languages on Earth, visiting the world, and especially more: meeting people with mixed backgrounds

Living in Hamburg, I enjoyed meeting a German mixed from Brazil. Or speaking French to a woman with Tunisian origin and German citizenship: a kind of person who would have been slightly different if she was living in France

Therefore, I put a strong interest on:

  • Working with an international work team, migrants or students
  • Awareness rise for intercultural competency
  • Cultural diversity management

The computer blogs my voice for multicultural societies rewilding Earth

And one day came the impulse to create this blog, as the ideas come to my mind: either in French or in English

This impulse comes mainly from articles ideas coming when walking outside, or taking a shower or moving in the kitchen. So I need to make them alive!

Purpose of the Blog

  • Expressing my voice, which I can barely hear in public debate. It means sharing opinions or personal anecdotes, divergences or out-the-box vision, focused on problem-solving and promoting my core values
  • Sharing my dream that more and more people get stimulated by the climate emergency, to find there opportunities for communities’ problem-solving: taking care both of societies and wildlife
  • Working on professional development for searching jobs after a long interruption

English Connection

I feel pleased to practice English – also if not perfect -, for this nice language and the opportunity to meet a wide world. I wish to improve writing skills to propose soon more content and meet same-minded people on my journey. Are you following this path? Let’s get in touch!

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