Express Yourself with Greta Thunberg and George Monbiot for Nature-based Solutions

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In the context of climate emergency, LearnEnglish from British Council proposes a discussion about a 2019 video (3:41) from Greta Thunberg and The Guardian’s journalist George Montbiot, claiming for natural climate solutions. A way to express my connection emergency and invite to share your voice as inspiration for all

LearnEnglish is an online, paid English learning program, which gives access to plenty of free materials. Videos are under “General English”. The discussion related in this post is a question to answer, taken from an intermediate level exercise, where you can find video transcript. Exercise also reachable in The Climate Connection’s section.

Video and Key Phrases Upload

Because it deals with an issue that we should all be aware about, the video – included subtitles – is pretty easy to understand. However, you may pay attention to

  • A vocabulary list of ecosystems said in a row: mangrove, peat bog, jungle, marshes, seabed, kelp forest, swamp, coral reef
  • Nature-based solutions (NBS) are the right title and initials, as you can read further in this post, and not « natural-based solutions » from the video. It equals to natural climate solutions
  • A drill means a “practice for what you should do in an emergency” – as mentioned in the exercise’s preparation task

Short Summary: Although we are facing a climate breakdown, it’s still time for us to do our part to fix it. If we focus on ending fossil fuels and funding nature-based solutions

Discussion Task

Do you agree with Greta and George that natural climate solutions are needed? What can you do to make a difference?

Here is the discussion task by LearnEnglish: what do you think about it? You are welcome to give your contribution in the comments’ section, I am especially curious to read what YOU are willing to DO. Or you can read my answer below

My Answer: Connection Emergency to tackle Climate Emergency

Because « up to 200 species are going exctinct every single day » as cited in video, I do agree that ecosystems need to be restored and regenerate. So I do wish in this way that humanity find the right control on nature, being the master rebuilding it but letting huge wilderness areas retaking its place. As I do miss forests and wildlife, so it can fulfil my well-being and needs

  • Stress releasing and physical activities, walking in forests
  • Gathering edible plants closer to my home
  • Getting shadow without needing manufactured sunscream

Greta and George raise also awareness on the need on bringing people to act on a massive scale. We absolutely need citizen actions to influence decisions-makers, but more important to my opinion is taking care of our well-being, creating any connection based on hope and joy with people thinking differently.

  • How intensive and agroecological farmers can live nearby without killing themselves?
  • How an intensive farmer can convert to agroecology, if it requires asking to the whole family to upset habits and mindsets?
  • How to deal with “incompatible” views such as setting up natural climate solutions versus the humanity is a monster which should be wiped out?

So the best I can do to is sharing my view, exchanging with people or writing blog posts, improving knowledge about NBS and communication skills to further engage in international projects. I can make a difference by focusing on out-of-the box, holistic thinking for holistic acting, on raising awareness on a connection emergency needed to tackle climate emergency. And happily sharing some tips

  • The Miyawaki Method to restore forests, also in urban area: More infos
  • Communicating Climate from Yale Climate Connection, which publish “stories about how climate issues are communicated and can be improved”: More infos
  • Share your voice or climate projects on the amazing links below

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