Do it Now! Joan Baez’ Call for Action

Image edited: jimforest underCC BY-NC-ND 2.0

A first English blog post emerging from a 2018 Joan Baez’ quote in French TV Show « C à vous ». A short exercise of video transcription through the interpreter’s loud voice. Following births synchronicity and life impulse

It’s amazing. It happens sometimes some unimportant coincidences, which bring nothing else than a smile to my face. Or an emotional starter to launch a blog that I will remember. Because the starter of the day is ending up the same day into a first English blog post. Although I have been working for several weeks on other French articles.

(Re)Birth Times

So, today is a Joan Baez’ day, some of these days that I put a strong interest in something or somebody. And today I have been focused on topics related to the great revival folk figure, also an admirable painter; as hearing and singing “Diamonds and Rust”, a Joan’s hit song released in 1975 about her love affair with Bob Dylan.

The same year in July, I was also “released”. And the identity of Clara Lou River was “released” at the beginning of 2018, the same period of time that Joan Baez visited the French TV show C à Vous. So today, I have spontaneously decided to rewatch the show on YouTube. I look at the computer clock when starting the video: it is 15:55, my birth time.

Do it Now! Acting for Life

Joan Baez’ words are precisely words of rebirth. Fearing for her grand daughter’s future, Joan Baez addresses a call for action which perfectly incarnates a state of « connection emergency »: I like naming it so, in reference to climate emergency. You can watch the few seconds I have transcribed at 17:54, the end of the interview. Then the quote following just below

In the face of that, what do we do to keep going ? Like… we do… everything you can, anything that calls you, that’s beautiful, that’s empathetic, that’s compassionate, that’s kind, do it now

Joan Baez, at 17:54

These words are words of healing, for the humanity and for the Earth. They convey energy of life, calling for connecting the bottom of your heart to your community, to living beings, your environment. Or to yourself. A call to express emotions, ideas, actions, etc. which need to be in motion, in a flow; to build or repair. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, you have your crucial part to play, just by expressing yourself. Here and now.